Year Three and Four

Our Class teachers are Miss Ellis and Mrs Mitchell

Our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Holder (TA) and Mrs Ashton (HLTA)


Due to the latest government guidance surrounding the Covid-19 outbreak, North Rigton School will be closed to all except ‘key workers’ children from Monday 23rd March 2020. In order to support families at home, we will be supplying our children with ‘Home Learning Grids’ whilst school is closed. These will provide our children with learning opportunities in Maths, English and Wellbeing. Grids can be accessed below and will also be emailed out for your information. These will be updated and additional grids uploaded accordingly.

You will also find below a list of useful websites which can be accessed to support learning at home. These have been broken down into Maths and English sections for your information.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this immensely difficult time.

Wishing all our Busy Bees children and families the very best.

Miss Ellis and Mrs Mitchell

North Rigton Home Learning Letter

Busy Bees Class Useful Websites

Weeks 1 and 2 – 23rd March to 3rd April

Busy Bees English Home Learning grid

Year 3 Busy Bees Maths Home Learning Grid

Year 4 Busy Bees Maths Home Learning Grid

Busy Bees Well Being Home Learning Grid

Weeks 3 and 4 – Coming soon!  Easter Special – 6th April to 17th April

All our class have been working really hard at home. Have a look at what each of you have been doing:

Monday 30th March

Annabelle having a wonderful time learning with her family at home! Loving the pink desk chair!  (Sorry about the pictures being upside down – I can’t rotate them on here!)


Imogen has made a fantastic Powerpoint to remind you to wash your hands! She has remembered all her ICT skills from class! She has also made a list of her top five books to take to a desert island. Coronavirus 1  Desert Island Books
Freya was inspired by our Nonsense poetry lessons in class and went on to write her own Nonsense Poem. She has used rhyming and syllables to make it flow. Have a read of  The Nacky Nock
Bea has been on Explorify ( a great Science website) and taken up the challenge of designing a new item of sportswear. Check out her swimming costume design. Beatrix Designing sportswear

Friday 27th March

Eli has been busy building an awesome den in his garden and made a fantastic game for his whole family to play.

Thursday 26th March

Dan has been busy painting stones and then hiding them around the village – have you found any whilst you have been out exercising? He has made a fantastic Chicken Sculpture and even got up close to an Owl!
Film of an owl in Dan’s garden – trim.D5B4C331-33F0-42A4-B7E5-D9728CA4BFE1
Isaac has been writing a story about a child and an adult swapping places. Have a read – All Change


The children have asked me to read the rest of the Iron Man to them whilst they are learning at home. So here goes….

Chapter 2  Part 2- We have read half of this chapter in class so find out how they trapped the Iron Man in the rest of this chapter.

Iron-Man-Viper-chapter-2 – Optional questions to use to help your child discuss the story. 

Chapter 3 – What’s to be done with the Iron Man?

Iron-Man-Viper-chapter-3 Optional questions to use to help your child discuss the story. 

Chapter 4 – The Space Being and the Iron Man

Part 1

Part 2

Iron-Man-Viper-chapter-4 Optional questions to use to help your child discuss the story. 

Chapter 5 – The Iron Man’s Challenge

Part 1

Part 2

Click below to see our Two Year Long Term Plan. Please remember this is a projected map for two years and things may change. 

Long Term Map Year 3 and 4 Year A and B Updated Jan 2020

Click below to see our overviews of the learning that is taking place in our classroom this Spring term. 

Numeracy LTP Updated Sept 2019

Other learning overview Spring 2020

Forces overview Spring 2020

We are Artists Overview Spring 2020

Read Write Inc Year 3 and 4 Spelling 2019 2020 Updated Dec 2019

EGPS overview 2019 2020

Literacy long term map 2019 2020


Click below to read our ‘Homework and Enjoying Learning Together at Home’ letter. Also, please find links to useful resources for you to use at home if you wish to further your child’s enjoyment of learning at home. 

Homework and Enjoying Learning Together at Home Oct 2019 Busy Bees Years 3 and 4

Busy Bees Learning Opportunities page Spring 2019

Helping your child with Spelling

Year 3 and 4 Common exception words

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception words

Spelling frame website

TT RockStars parent help sheet

Practise your Touch Typing skills at home 1

Practise your Touch Typing skills at home 2


100 Books to read for Year 3 and 4

100 Books 3 and 4 1

100 Books 3 and 4 2

100 Books 3 and 4 3

100 Books 3 and 4 4

100 Books 3 and 4 5