Our Vision, Our Values & Our Rituals

Ethos Statement

We strive to provide a happy, positive, Christian ethos in our school. We preserve and develop the Schools’ religious character in accordance with the principles of the Church of England and in partnership with the Church and Parish.

Our purpose is to provide our community with a first class education within the context of Christian belief and practice, understanding that there may be children of other faiths in the school, and encouraging and promoting Christian values through the experiences offered to all our pupils.

The School is supported in it’s spiritual life by the Reverend Stuart Lewis.


Our School Values:


Mission Statement

1. We provide high quality learning within a supportive and caring environment. Happiness and having fun are central to our work, our play and our worship.

2. We always remember that everyone is special in their own right and that everyone has something to contribute to school life.

3. Within our school community we care and have respect for pupils, staff, governors and visitors. We take care of our building and equipment. We actively listen to the views of others.

4. We have responsibilities to our school and wider community to build lasting relationships, to care for all, including those in need, and to care for our environment.


What our Mission Statement means to us…

1. In our learning we have fun and enjoy our time at school:

in our work
in our play
in prayers
with friends

2. We always remember :

everyone is special
we are all good at something
care for and help others
let everyone join in
to share
to be a buddy not a bully

3. Within our community we:

keep this school a lovely place
look after our classrooms and equipment
look after our books and playground toys/games
keep school clean and tidy

4. Responsibilities to our community:

respect everyone around us
have good manners, say please and thank you
are kind and helpful
are not selfish
do not disrupt lessons by bad behaviour
do not hurt people
look after our environment
work/play with other schools