Year 3/4 Residential to Robin Hoods Bay


Robin Hoods Bay
On the 3rd of July, Year 3 and 4 went on a residential to Robin Hoods Bay. We went to Bempton Cliffs to go bird watching and saw loads of cute puffins! We learned that a baby Gannet is called a Guga. After that, we met Mike the Geologist to help us find lots fossils on the beach. In the evening, Mike also helped us solve the mystery of who killed Trixie the Dinosaur. It took us about 1hr 45 minutes! The next day, we went rock pooling. The dead crabs were disgusting. Next we went into the fossil shop and bought lots of fossils. We went on a quick tour around the village to learn about smuggling. We had a brilliant time. Thank you to Miss Ellis for organising it all and to the adults who came to help.
By Elena and Alice

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